Prom Limousine Services


The annual tradition for high school students of the year end prom dance demands a sense of style that outdoes the ordinary -- the best dresses, restaurants, and after parties.

In that spirit, many students look to rent prom limos to take their date and their friends to the dance in style. Those looking for limo services should know that the dates of the dance -- often in early May -- are among the busiest for limo service companies considering the deluge of weddings in addition to prom, so it is necessary to book early.

Weeks if not months are needed to determine proper schedule and size of the limos for hire, so do not leave it to the last minute!


Limo rentals are different for different occasions, and Los Angeles Prom Limo functions are not the same as limousine rental for wedding services or corporate limo transportation.

City limo companies are well aware that high school students have very little money compared to business executives or wedding planners, so to make sure that your able to rent prom limos look for companies that are willing to give you VIP limousine service.

While these cars are perfectly clean, comfortable, and reliable, there are no limousine amenities -- such as television or an alcohol bar -- and they are much larger, designed to fit a dozen or more students to spread the price tag around.

It is necessary to plan out the evening in order to have the best efficiency from the limousine or towncar service. Many dates elect to go to restaurants prior to the dance, and arraigning for reservations and parking is essential for higher class locations; ensure that the restaurant can accommodate a limousine as well as all of your friends!

A Los Angeles Prom Limo as well as any limousine night on the town -- charges are by the hour, some will use it as transportation to restaurants beforehand or to a party afterwards.

Direct pick up and drop off is the most economical means of rental, and cheap limo service may charge as little as fifty dollars per hour, making it a relatively inexpensive means of getting to the dance for you and your friends.

Some services are flat rates, meaning that a stretch Hummer limousine that costs a thousand dollars can fit up to twenty people, making it a low rate for individuals and their dates.

For any limousine function, from prom to weddings, always make sure that your specific time frame, transportation routes, and cost structure are fully planned out ahead of time.

For prom limo rental, it is necessary to ensure you and your friends have an exact plan for the night so that nobody is left behind. Make it the best prom ever with a classy, luxurious limousine rental. Los Angeles Prom Limo.